Art by Dean

The Oracle at Delphi in Ancient Greece advised, "Know thyself."

I have focused my art on knowing myself, on manifesting my interior world, using oil paint, watercolor, pencil and pen, and especially pastels (chalk).

Each creation is actualized in a single sitting, motivated by an inspiration. I have drawn many of my works directly from a dream or a fantasy, each of which has been inspired by a real life situation.

And when it comes to my fantasy artworks, most are adolescent in nature. As a heterosexual male, these adolescent fantasies focus on females. As a feminist, whose initial introduction to feminism was at the sides of the strong and intelligent women in my family, being honed while a child living from age 4 to 14 by the 1960's, I assure you that I mean no disrespect to women by my fantasies. Beyond their adolescent base, most of the fantasies have a story behind them, one that set my mind to fantasizing.

In a scene from the motion picture "Pastel Party"
actress Anneka Lucas examines
artworks of Dean Adams Curtis.

In 1972, I hopped freight trains across Canada, from the Continental Divide in
British Columbia, to Toronto. There, my buddy Jeff and I jumped off and headed
back to high school in suburban Detroit.