Peek into Pastel Party, a feature film by Dean Adams Curtis, via web episodes including
behind-the-scenes footage. Set and shot in 1989, artists are caught in conversations in
Southern California's canal city of Venice. Click browser back arrow to escape this viewer.

Pastel Party - Episode 1

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Pastel Party - Episode 8

Director Dean Adams Curtis, who plays the character Chris, meets with production manager Sophie Ali. Then, Sophie teaches actress Katie Chin how to create a "lined script", documentation of what happened on set used for reference by editors.

Editor Paul Benz talks about how he got onto Oliver Stone's editing team to start his career. Artist friends debate whether a "manform" they helped create is art. Chris/Dean shares with Laura/Anneke the stories behind his fantasy artworks.

When Chris/Dean closes the door to the neighborhood, he and Laura/Anneke kiss. Later, as they cuddle, a call comes in from a woman Chris is involved with. A piece of Dean's artwork after the credits caused this clip to get a YouTube age-restriction.

Missing scene with Anneke and Kate in the bathroom is seen. Chris/Dean allows actor/actress input into a scripted scene about theology. Production is delayed by differences of prespective about how to complete the scene. Konrad Gatien takes over videography.

Production Manager Sophie Ali says "This shot is CU (close-up) Chris." We take a look back at Chris/Dean's teen activist years seeing 8mm D.C. demonstration footage he shot in the 6th grade, listening to his 8th grade contest-winning speech.

Production participants talk between Pastel Party takes. Editor Paul Benz shares that after "JFK" he will help edit Oliver Stone's next film "The Doors." Chris/Dean offers a look at his goddesses period with guest Nikki Schieler and entourage.

Dean showers and fantasizes. Then, Dean takes the pastel party out onto the sidewalk street, or "walkstreet", in front of his studio, donating all his stubs of chalk to his neighbors and whoever wants to share some creative fun.

Anneke Lucas and Janine Arbelaez run through dress rehearsal prior to cameras rolling. Dave gets in a joke. Laughter halts the shoot. Dean takes a step in his artistic exploration, uniting his early activism with his employee democracy advocacy.